About Keith Fitz-Gerald

Keith Fitz-Gerald High Velocity ProfitsKeith Fitz-Gerald is a seasoned trader and analyst with 37 years of experience. And as Chief Investment Strategist for Money Map Press since 2007, he is one of the most widely read market experts on the planet.

Every month, more than 750,000 individual investors count on Keith’s advice to grow and protect their wealth.

And their confidence in him is well-placed:

  • Keith was one of the very few analysts to foresee both the dot-com crash and the 2008-09 Global Financial Crisis, and one of even fewer experts to help millions of investors navigate them both.
  • Forbes.com recently hailed him as a “business visionary.”
  • He is one of the world’s top experts in Market Chaos Theory, using non-linear models for market prediction, risk management, and portfolio construction.
  • Keith is a veteran of Wilshire Associates, one of the world’s leading investment management firms.
  • He pioneered the “50-40-10″ portfolio model used by millions of investors today. It’s widely acknowledged as the most effective way to build lasting wealth in any market condition.
  • He is best-known for his track record of profit recommendations – among the best in the financial publishing world. Members following his “buy” and “sell” alerts have enjoyed more than 50 triple-digit gains and hundreds of double-digit gains in the past year.
  • As a former professional trader and licensed CTA, he has advised institutions and individuals responsible for billions of dollars.

Today Keith is in high demand as a regular guest on Fox Business, CNBC Asia, Bloomberg, and BNN. His market predictions have been featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Forbes.com, MarketWatch, and Money Morning.

Keith is the chief investment strategist for the most-read global investing newsletter, Money Map Report. He also runs High Velocity Profits, a hyper-selective but low-maintenance service that only buys stocks that are going up, and Straight Line Profits, a service that uses a special Arbitrage Detection Grid System (ADG) to exploit – and profit from – the “fake” stock prices Wall Street creates. In his free Total Wealth letter, he keeps tabs on unstoppable global trends and offers a deeper look at his favorite trading tactics and risk-slashing techniques.

Keith is 100% independent and receives absolutely no compensation from companies he writes about. His ideas and recommendations are completely his own.