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Dear Reader,

If you’re one of 41.5 million Americans with a retirement account, you’re going to get some bad news on or around January 15.

That’s when most people will get their account statements.

Please be prepared for the shock.

Although the stock market has run up in recent weeks, you’re going to discover that you’ve likely just lost a good deal of money.

Anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on your situation.

But one thing is certain:

Any losses you’re about to see are 100% real. And I’ll wager you never received a phone call or email to inform you about it.

Nobody ever does.  

The fact is: We’ve just experienced ONE OF THE BIGGEST CRASHES IN 35 YEARS.

It’s a serious event that just wiped out a good deal of your money if you own one or more of these toxic investments in your retirement account.

And I estimate that 99% of retirees hold these investments, whether they realize it or not!

So watch out! I have yet to see one front-page story about this crash.

Odds are, no one has called to tell you the bad news or offered any help.

The majority of retirees average 60% or more of their savings in one of these toxic investments.

So your losses could be very large.

Already, within three months, $2.8 trillion dollars has evaporated from these securities… crushing millions of retirement accounts.

The investments I’m talking about are bonds and bond funds.

The result of holding some of these right now is devastating. And the losses are estimated to grow much bigger.

And like I said, you may not even know you own them!

Look at the Fidelity Long-Term Treasury Bond Index (FLBIX).

It’s crashed 13.93% in three months.

Hundreds of thousands of retirees own this. Are you one of them?

Thousands more own the Vanguard Long-Term Treasury Index (VUSTX). It’s crashed 13.82% in three months.

Retirees are taking a big hit on this one.

Even more retirees have the T. Rowe Price U.S. Treasury Index. It’s down 14.76% in three months.

If you think you might own this toxic fund, I’ll explain what you can do in a minute.

These are just three examples of what most retirees own in their accounts. And right now, trillions of dollars are being lost.

In fact, over $1 trillion vanished from these types of funds in the course of ONE WEEK ALONE.

If you have a typical retirement account, you are NOT going to escape losses. You’re about to see the hard numbers in your own account, regardless of what you may have been hearing from the financial press.

Things are so dire, the average investor is set to take a hit of around $10,000 right now.

Many people, however, have lost $20,000… $30,000… $50,000… and in some cases seven figures or more.

That’s right… even during a stock market rally!

You’re about to see exactly how much you could be down on or around January 15. But you don’t have to wait till then to do something about it…

Keith Fitz-Gerald

My name is Keith Fitz-Gerald. I’m the Chief Investment Strategist for Money Morning, the largest financial publisher in the world, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

I’ve put this presentation together because I’m sick and tired of the shenanigans, the rigging, and the corrupt banksters and financial engineers who run Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.

They continue to wage a violent war on retirees. And it’s not ending anytime soon.

Since 2009, the Federal Reserve has stolen an estimated $1 trillion dollars from American citizens like you…

And handed it right over to the Big Banks in the form of “interest rate kickbacks.”

And now something even worse is happening with your retirement money. The financial engineers are collapsing bonds and sucking more of your money right out from under you – and most people don’t even know it.

Believe me: They know how much of your retirement you have wrapped up in bonds – and they want your money.

That’s why it’s imperative to take action now.

It’s also why I’ve put together this presentation… to help you as immediately as I can by alerting you to the losses…

And giving you some concrete ways to claw back that money into your account as soon as possible, before it’s too late.

The losses are adding up every single minute. And stocks, as you’re about to see, are not going to save you.

Take a moment to study this chart. It’s shocking:

Over the last three months, the S&P rose 5.09%. That’s pretty darn good.

But at the same time, your bond holdings crashed 16.09%!

All the money you thought you just made in this big stock market rally is a complete FALLACY.

According to Bloomberg, stocks added $635 billion in value in the month of November alone.

Yet bonds LOST $1.7 trillion in that same time. Those losses are nearly THREE TIMES BIGGER than what people made in stocks.

It’s been a sucker’s game. And absolutely no one is going to tell you about it.

Most people I talk with don’t give bonds all that much thought. Few people actually know how they work. And others may not even know they own them.

In fact, I’ll wager you can’t give me the exact name and ticker symbol of one bond fund you own right now! Even though 60% or 70% of your money is likely tied up in one or more of them!

They’re supposed to be “safe” investments. In reality, they’re ANYTHING BUT SAFE.

Here’s What You Need to Know Immediately

When bonds collapse, as they’re doing now, they collapse hard. You’ll find out how hard for yourself on or around January 15.

And remember: At $37 trillion dollars, this bond market is 2.6 times bigger than the entire stock market.

So when bonds collapse, the devastation nearly always crashes stocks, too.

This collapse is 100% real.

And the cause of the entire collapse is interest rates.

They’re going up. In fact, they’re going up 1.5 times faster than any other spike in history!

For people with a regular savings account at their bank, that’s a good thing. A few more nickels never hurt. And that’s about all you’re going to get.

For Anyone Who Holds Bonds in a Retirement Account… It’s a Total Disaster.

You almost certainly hold one of these toxic investments.

Because they’re a staple of every 401(k) and IRA in America.

And when interest rates go up like they are right now…


Look at it this way: Who in their right mind would buy your bond paying 1.5%, when they can buy a newly issued bond paying 3% or 4%? The answer is: NOBODY!

The only way they can make up the difference is to SLASH THE PRICE OF THE BOND YOU ALREADY BOUGHT!

When you see your statement, get ready for the shock.

You’ll be lucky to get a fraction of what you paid for the bonds or bond funds you’re probably holding right now.

You may have made some small bond interest over the past few years… but I bet it won’t even come close to making up for the losses you’re about to see!

The sad part is… that means years of investing down the drain. Potentially every penny you’ve made so far HAS JUST EVAPORATED.

And the losses can be as much as 5 to 10 times more than the gains you made.

If you’re one of 41.5 million people in America holding bonds in a retirement savings account of any kind right now… watch out!

You’ve just lost A LOT of money.

How much depends on your own portfolio. But since almost every retirement account manager in the business will tell you that you MUST buy bonds…


But please… don’t shoot the messenger.

Again, I’m Keith Fitz-Gerald and I’m here to help you today.

I’ve spent more than 34 years as a market analyst, global consultant, and quantitative trader.

More than 1.5 million financially savvy people read my reports every week.

I cut my teeth at some of Wall Street’s biggest firms, including Wilshire Associates, which oversees more than $8 trillion for over 600 institutional investors.

There is virtually nothing I haven’t seen in the markets. I was one of very few experts to correctly see both the dot-com crisis and the ongoing Global Financial Crisis ahead of time. And one of even fewer to help millions of investors successfully navigate them both.

But I can’t reach enough people through my appearances on Fox Business Network or CNBC.

That’s why I’m putting out this dire warning today – so that you can take immediate action before your retirement is slashed to the bone.

You see, the same financial elites who engineered the housing collapse… and the greatest global financial meltdown in history… are dead set on taking your money.

There is more than $25 trillion in retirement savings owned by American retirees. And I guarantee the financial engineers want your money in their pockets.

And now they’re ready to strip it from you again. This time with bonds.

They’ve already stolen billions from American homeowners. And they’ve pumped up stocks through some of the most complicated financial schemes ever seen.

I’ll wager not one single government “regulator” even knows how they’re doing it.


It’s never going to happen.

If you have bonds in your account, the only thing I can say with absolutely certainty is this:

Every day the financial engineers push rates up, your retirement account loses money.

Because again, 99% of retirees already own these toxic investments.

I do not want YOU to be the last person in line holding the bag, as your retirement goes down 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, or more.

Take a look… the actual numbers are devastating.

Let’s say you wanted to put your savings in a “safe” investment, like a government bond.

So you buy $200,000 in Treasuries at 2.11% in July. You’d make a measly $4,220 a year on your $200,000.

BUT THIS IS CRITICAL: Look what happens to the price of the bond you already paid for as interest rates zoom up.

At today’s rate of 3.14%, your $200,000 is worth $160,159. You’re already down 40 grand – in less than five months!

At a rate of 3.25%, your $200,000 turns into $156,515.

At a rate of 3.5%, your $200,000 turns into $148,620.

At a rate of 4.0%, your $200,000 turns into $134,301.

Now you’re down almost 70 grand.

This whole thing’s going in the wrong direction!

Like I said, do NOT get caught holding the bag!

In early October, when speaking before the NY Fed, Bridgewater's Ray Dalio, one of the world’s top investors, made a prophetic warning:

A 1% rise in yields would trigger "the worst decline in bonds since the 1981 bond market crash."

And it's not something that will happen down the road.

It’s happening now.

The Federal Reserve is already raising rates, with more increases projected in 2017. And that’s just a drop in the bucket.

Because the Big Banks who control the markets are about to raise rates even higher with or without the Fed.

They plan on making a killing by taking rates up at your expense to engineer their own profits.

So how can that happen? It’s pretty obvious when you look at it…

  1. The U.S. government is already at PEAK debt – right now at $20 trillion. That’s 108% of the entire Gross Domestic Product of the United States. Every additional dollar takes on more risk. And that means higher interest rates – no matter what the Fed does…
  2. We’re about to take on an additional $5.3 trillion of new government debt via the Trump stimulus package, which includes:

    • A $1 trillion infrastructure bill…
    • Increased military spending…
    • Repatriation of corporate profits, at low to no taxes…
    • Sizeable corporate tax cuts…
    • Personal income tax cuts…
    • Capital gains tax cuts.

    Yes, it’s good for short-term growth, but it’s a razor’s edge. Because the flip side is:

  1. Massive Inflation. Growth creates inflation, as the price for almost everything goes up – including the price of money! You can see in this chart (at right) that inflation is already spiraling up. Of course, most people who buy gas or food already know that (and that “official” government numbers are manipulated purely to keep Social Security payments low).
  2. Higher inflation means higher bond yields. The reason is that people require a higher rate of interest today because they expect their money to be worth less in the future.

So how high can interest rates soar? How bad can this get for your retirement?

When you consider that the average interest rate between 1981 and 2008 was 6.9%, it can get devastating.

At that rate, the $200,000 in bonds I mentioned earlier would only be worth a paltry $79,301.

Had you put your hard-earned savings in that, you’d be cut by 60% – more than HALF.

So what are you going to do?

The financial engineers want your retirement money. There is zero doubt about that.

That's why it’s critical to make some key moves right away.

I’ve worked long and hard for the money I have.

Yet I don’t plan on losing a penny – and neither should you!

It’s time to fight back. Do not let the Big Banks stuff their pockets with your money.

To defend yourself, I’m going to show you some simple but exceedingly critical moves you can make right now to save yourself.

Each move is designed to avoid catastrophe and claw back your money.

And you’ll see some unique alternative investments few people know about.

One, for example, pays HUGE income because of a government loophole that forces certain companies to distribute 90% of their profits directly to YOU.

But before I get there… there is one more critical chart that I want you to see. It’s this one:

And what it illustrates is this:

Every Time the Bond Market Has Collapsed Like It Is Right Now

A Stock Market Crisis Has Followed!

It’s already happened six times in the last 30 years.

Whenever yields spike like they are now, the result is always the same.

Mass economic devastation that takes years – if not decades – to recover from.

Take a look:

A spike in bond yields preceded the 1987 “Black Monday” market crash.

This historic meltdown sapped close to 30% of the S&P 500’s value in just five days and led into a five-year-long global recession.

Then, a 1994 bond crash led right into the Tequila Crisis in Mexico.

The peso lost a full 50% of its value while costs rose 35%. Poverty swept the nation as hyperinflation soared, banks collapsed, and thousands of houses were repossessed.

Bonds collapsed again in 1996 immediately before the Asian Financial Crisis.

Debt to GDP ratios soared to 167%, banks imploded, and 80 million people fell below the poverty line in just months.

Then, yields spiked in 1999 just before the dot-com crash.

Stocks like Microstrategy plunged from $3,500 to a pitiful $4 a share. In total, $8 trillion was ripped from investors’ bank accounts.

More recently, a bond price crash led right into the Global Financial Crisis – a meltdown of epic proportions.

Americans lost a full half of their savings and got stuck with a $9.7 trillion bill for bailouts.

It happened again right before the Eurozone crisis of 2010…

Prompting a sharp 17% drop in the S&P 500 in less than four months.

How can I be so sure another stock market collapse is going to happen within the next six months?

Because the BOND BOMB has already detonated!

Let’s look at the evidence:

Corporate debt has risen to an astounding $29 trillion. Companies are borrowing every penny they can get their hands on.

It’s been cheap and easy, so they’ve been gorging like starved pigs.

Yet all the newly created debt from companies has gone only to line the pockets of CEOs and financial engineers in the form of stock buybacks and unearned dividends.

See this chart:

The stock buybacks and debt align dollar for dollar. Almost every increase in debt (red line on this chart) aligns perfectly with the stock buybacks (blue line). And every stock buyback artificially “bubbles” the stock price.

There is zero doubt.

The stock run up you’re seeing is a house of cards, engineered 100% with DEBT.

And if you’re getting any dividend income right now, you’re probably being paid with borrowed money!

That’s right. Blue Chip companies borrowing money to pay their dividends. It’s ludicrous.

I’ll wager not one penny of these companies' stock price gains has been generated by growth.

In fact, their growth has been ZERO. You can see it in almost every balance sheet in America right now.

In fact, the differential in the catastrophic growth of debt and the cash companies are generating has never been higher.

In other words, the debt is growing much faster than profits!

You can see just how crazy the imbalance has become in this chart:

Look at that whopping differential. This spread hasn’t been this high in 17 years.

As a matter of fact, according to Fortune:

Over the first six months of the year, S&P 500 companies paid out 112% of their earnings in the form of either dividends or share buybacks.

So what happens when companies pay out more money than they make?

The same thing that happens to you or me: failure.

And we’re seeing the devastating effects right now.

In fact, the S&P 500 just went through FIVE QUARTERS OF EARNINGS RECESSION, as you can see here:

This chart shows that we’re now officially in the longest earnings recession since 2008.

The fact is companies are being eaten being alive from within, like a flesh-eating bacteria that devours its victims with a 90% fatality rate.

And the fatalities are mounting.

Corporate loan delinquency skyrocketed 122% since last year – officially the fastest increase in history – surpassing even the Great Recession of 2008.

You can see it here:

It’s gotten so bad that, as of this writing, ONLY TWO U.S. COMPANIES – Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson – hold a AAA credit rating!

Just two! Everything else has turned pretty much to crap. It’s just crazy.

It’s certainly not the America I used to know.

And companies can’t just turn to their cash reserves to help them out of their day of reckoning.

U.S. companies now have less cash on hand than they did in the midst of the Great Recession.

In fact, one third of the $1.8 trillion in U.S. corporations’ cash reserves is held by just five tech companies. That’s out of more than 9,500 companies listed on the U.S. exchanges.

This is a no-win situation, but you’d simply never know the truth unless you looked behind the numbers…

Just like we’re doing right now.

Once you do, you’ll see a frightening pattern emerging.

Every time since 1947, when companies have tanked like this – when profits fell this much… this fast… or for so long… it marked the beginning of a huge downturn – or worse.

In 1987 it turned into a massive crash. The combination of falling profits, crashing bonds, and soaring stock prices right before the plummet in 1987 is exactly what we’re looking at today.

But the big difference this time is that THE PAIN WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED EQUALLY!

Some are going to fare worse than others. And that means…

The War on Retirees Is About to Get Much Worse.

I’ve just shown you 15 hard facts about what’s ahead for anyone retired… about to retire… or even thinking about retirement, like me.

A financial crisis is no longer an “if” but a “when” scenario.

Government debt doubled to $20 trillion… the Fed has engineered interest rates to send all your earnings to the Big Banks… inflation is heading higher at a faster rate… and now bonds are collapsing.

Not even Donald Trump can wave a magic wand and make this disappear.

Most companies have already squandered away their debt limit on cheap stock buybacks at already inflated stock prices (a double whammy) to line the pockets of corporate CEOs – and eventually rob you of your savings.

And now rates are skyrocketing.

So what happens to the $29 trillion in corporate debt as interest rates continue to rise?

The answer is COLLAPSE.

The only question now is: Do you want to be left holding the bag?

If the answer is no, then I have something that could help you.

It’s a six-part series of special briefings I call the “Retirement Self-Defense Initiative.”

I created it because you don’t have to lose your life’s savings along with other ill-informed and late-to-the-truth retirees.

There’s another way. A very savvy, lucrative way forward.

And I outline that path in detail for you here:

Special Briefing #1:
The Three Unmistakable Signs of a 2017 Mega-Collapse

Inside, I share all of the frightening patterns emerging right now.

I uncover the coded announcements you’ll hear from the Fed, big banks, and the new Trump cabinet that reveal far more than they’re actually saying.

I explore the dangerous bubbles forming in the housing and real estate markets.

I walk you through the likely timing and degree of a coming series of dangerous rate hikes.

And most importantly….

I show you how to analyze your investment portfolios.

I show you how to adjust your allocations accordingly for various scenarios that could unfold, because this is a fluid situation – it's volatile.

So I review my recommendations on how much of your portfolio should be in certain sectors of the stock market, precious metals, income opportunities…

Plus if and where you should be looking overseas to invest.

This briefing is a point-by-point examination of each of these areas.

And that leads right into the second part of my series…

Special Briefing #2:
Your Ironclad "Insurance Plan" for a Market Collapse

When the market goes south, does that mean investors shouldn’t hold stocks?

That’s a decision everyone needs to make for himself.

But there are ways to use the market itself as a hedge.

The wealthiest people in the world do this all the time.

So in this special briefing, I walk you through a way to target the sector that will experience the most detrimental fall – the financial sector.

Because these companies are holding over $300 trillion in interest rate derivatives

If rates rise even the slightest bit more, all of these derivatives contracts could come due…

Triggering a complete collapse of the banks.

Remember, the TOTAL outstanding credit default swaps before the last global financial crisis was just $62 trillion.

And look what devastation those caused.

Now we’re looking at FIVE TIMES that amount coming due!

The banks holding these interest derivatives are going to fall harder and faster than anything else.

So in this briefing, I examine a specific fund that is heavily weighted against the financial sector.

It rises 3% for every 1% the financial sector pulls back.

So a 25% pull back… that's a 75% return from this fund.

If it falls 70%, now you're looking at a 210% return.

What this fund allows you to do is use a small amount of capital to multiply your protection against a market crash.

It's excellent “insurance.”

And so is the strategy I share in my third briefing:

Special Briefing #3:
The Insider’s Guide to Buying Gold for “Instant Equity”

As interest rates rise, gold typically sells off.

That’s why I fully expect gold to hit a low of $1,000 by March 1.

At that point, back up the truck.

Because as the market collapses under the weight of government and corporate debt… and inflation kicks into high gear… gold will become more valuable than any other investment.

Buying gold at the bottom and watching it zoom up when inflation hits is the best way to make a killing.

And I’ve uncovered a method that creates “instant equity” every time you make a purchase.

This little-known secret allows you to take advantage of an arbitrage opportunity in the wholesale and retail gold markets – potentially netting yourself a small fortune in the process.

See, when it comes to buying gold, not all investment opportunities are created equal.

Buying it on the open market can mean overpaying by 10% to dealer markups.

And physical gold in shops can be overpriced by as much as 300%.

But this exclusive deal allows you to acquire gold bullion and coins at wholesale rates

Meaning you’re making money right out of the gate.

It’s completely legal… anyone can get in on it… and it’s the safest, best way to protect a chunk of your wealth from crashing markets and coming inflation.

Now I have an even bigger goal than helping you preserve capital. I want to show you how to make money. And lots of it. Before, during, and after the stock collapse.

That’s what my next briefing is going to do:

Special Briefing #4:
How to Safely DOUBLE Your Retirement Income

Income is the lifeblood for anyone retired or soon to be retired.

But right now, dividends and bonds just got eviscerated!

And the average guy has absolutely no idea where to get a decent return…

Until now!

In this briefing, I reveal three unique ways to generate income that barely 1 in 100 people know about.

All three are set up to pay you five to six times what you’d get from the average S&P 500 yield.

And they’re all based on a government loophole that allows certain companies to pay little or no corporate income tax so long as they distribute at least 90% of their income to investors.

That means potential double-digit yields are yours for the taking – and so are year-after-year increases!

$2,276 PER MONTH: The first one I’m recommending pays a stunning 16.70% yield. That means for the average person aged 56–61, roughly $27,316 in cash a year – or about $2,276 a month.

This little company is highly profitable, growing its operating cash flow by 561% to $244 million last year alone! It continues to re-invest in itself, even as it pays shareholders that fat yield. And its double-digit payout is poised to KEEP GROWING for years to come. Which means the monthly income can get much higher.

$1,195 PER MONTH: I love the second one I’m recommending because it not only pays you its profits… it pays them out to you TAX FREE.

What you’re getting here are payouts from land holdings in New York, Florida, California, and dozens of other locations in the lower 48.

Its biggest holding is an 80-acre facility connected to a port and three railways. It’s a busy hub for U.S. military equipment, grain, and steel.

That means it’s vital to America’s security interests, and Uncle Sam is happy to pay a premium for it. And this beautiful 5.12% yield is completely tax free. Take it and run!

$2,044 PER MONTH: The third one I’m recommending is a killer, paying out an amazing 15% yield. And it’s one of the most boring businesses you’ll ever love – making its margin on government-backed securities. And paying you nice profits on their arbitrage. It just upped its dividend by 78%… a trend I’m predicting will continue.

You get access to all three of them in my special briefing today.

So you can get started learning how to generate a second salary immediately.

Now, if and when you do, you’re going to want to legally shield as much of it as possible from Uncle Sam.

Which is exactly what I show you how to do in my…

Special Briefing #5:
The Ultimate Tax Loophole Guide for Retirees

There are only two ways to get rich: 1) Earn more money, and 2) Keep more of what you earn.

That’s why this report is vital.

Most people – especially retirees – simply pay too much in taxes. Heck, you even pay tax on your Social Security!

So even the simplest oversight in filing could rob you of money you deserve every single month.

That’s why I created what is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive resource ever for defending your wealth.

Here are some of the tips you can put to use today to collect and keep more cash than you ever thought possible:

  • The "invisible" bank account that can "hide" $100,000 of your money from taxes…
  • Legally skirt a $1,039 insurance tax you could owe this year…
  • Double your home deduction this year and every year for the rest of your life!
  • Slash your dividend taxes by 60%…
  • A powerful "calendar loophole" that can add $6,000 to your retirement account!

Look, just one of these easy tips can you save you thousands. And there are dozens of them inside this one briefing.

You’ll get them all today.

But that’s not all…

I’ve analyzed two “bright spots” I’m actively tracking in the market right now.

I walk you through both of them in my next briefing.

Special Briefing #6:
Water and Hard Assets: Two Investments Set to Make You a Killing Right Now

When America experiences a worst case scenario, people won't stop using essential goods and services.

So in this briefing, I'm recommending water investments, because water will always be in great demand.

And we're already seeing water investments begin to take off.

This sector has surged to $500 billion since 2009. And Bank of America analysts predict we’re looking at a $1 trillion market in the making.

That’s 100% anticipated growth.

I’m targeting a water processing company that operates 47,000 miles of water pipelines across 16 states and 1,500 communities.

Now, this is also a sleeping giant income play.

This water processor's dividend has grown every year for the last five years.

It's up 63% already.

This is a profit play designed to give you long-term growth and a nice fat income for years to come.

Along with water, it’s going to be hard assets that thrive in a collapsing market.

That’s why I also focus on how to profit from companies with “hard asset escape plans.”

That mean companies tapped into railroads, energy, freight, coal, wheat, corn, steel, and cattle.

In this briefing, I reveal the top six companies in the world who have built these stable, hard assets directly into their business models.

You’ll get the names of every single one of them in this special briefing.

Next, you’re going to want to focus your attention not only on these moneymakers, but also on the most widely-held stocks primed to collapse.

Because when they do, the destruction will be like a 100-year old redwood falling on a sapling forest.

That’s why I give you the name of every single one of them in my…

20 Landmine Stocks to Dump Immediately

Now, when you see this list, it may shock you.

These aren't micro-caps or small-caps.

Frankly, those don't have the capability to do widespread damage.

These are 20 of the most widely held stocks in the retirement accounts and 401(k)s of everyday Americans.

Most are large Blue Chips.

That means you are probably holding one, two, or more of them.

And they are the most vulnerable to complete annihilation.

Now, inside this list of 20 I've singled out the 10 that are currently at a red alert status.

This means if you were holding them today, I recommend getting rid of them tomorrow, because the clock is running out.

They're already at risk of failure – even before the worst of what's coming appears.


That’s a Six-Part Special Briefing… Plus a Bonus Briefing…

That I Am Prepared to Send You – Absolutely FREE Today

And yet, that’s not all you’ll get.

I also want you to have one more critical resource… a 100% risk-free trial to my most important intelligence document, Money Map Report.

I created Money Map Report more than 10 years ago as a way to help everyday investors make money and stay safe, even as economic events threaten the lives and finances of every single American.

To accomplish this, I focus exclusively on six key trends in the markets.

  1. Demographics
  2. Scarcity
  3. Medicine
  4. Energy
  5. Technology
  6. War/Conflict

The world is complicated. From this current bond collapse to ISIS to fears of China's stock market collapsing to central bank madness… it can be hard to determine where the “safe havens” are for your money.

And remember, nothing in the market is guaranteed. Every investment carries risk.

But if you look throughout history, it becomes very clear that every single trend in money reverts back to one of these key trends. They are the forces behind the world's biggest developments.

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Micheal Robinson's signature

Keith Fitz-Gerald
January 2017

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