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High Velocity Profits is the only “buy and hold” investment approach with the potential to beat even today’s volatile markets. Editor Keith Fitz-Gerald runs this hyper-selective (but low-maintenance) service that only buys stocks that are going up – without fail since 2000. He overlays a value filter to find stocks worth owning, then watches their charts for a very specific and powerful “X” pattern to form. This signals that a stock is about to enter a state of high velocity – typically within a 48-hour window – and signals a “sell” the moment that velocity gives out. Average hold time is 16 months, and there’s very little trading to do in between in this stock-only system.

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Why it’s appearing is unknown, but with it I’m now predicting 10,482% in total winning gains this year…

My name is Keith Fitz-Gerald.

On November 5, I went on national television to publicly make one of the boldest predictions I’ve ever made in my life…

That a Donald J. Trump victory would create a post-election rally… and that a handful of insiders were about to get extremely rich. As you might imagine, I took a LOT of flak for that prediction. Many thought I was crazy.

But I made that prediction with almost absolute certainty because three days earlier, this mysterious “X” pattern appeared on 47 stocks that I monitor…

And when I saw that, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Based on that unusual X pattern, my team and I sent out an immediate alert three days before I went on television…

Telling my readers about the following stocks:

  • U.S. Steel Corporation
  • The Geo Group
  • Boeing
  • Exxon

Within 10 days, these shares were up 155% – and are still climbing to this day.

Now, what’s causing these shares to climb doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter whom you voted for – or even if you even voted at all. I am 100% unemotional when it comes to making money. I make decisions based on facts alone.

So what I can tell you with absolute certainty is that an event is happening that’s making investors very rich. And the event is 100% verified by this mysterious X pattern.

The X pattern looks like this:

And when it appears, it tells me with 100% certainty that the stock it’s marking is currently going up in price.

This mysterious X has appeared on 47 securities that I track, large and small, across more than seven sectors of the market.

And each X designates a stock that I know for a fact is going up in price.

On October 4, it appeared on AXIM Biotechnologies (AXIM)…

As I speak, it’s been six weeks, and AXIM’s shares are now up 1,900%. Would I buy shares if I were you? ABSOLUTELY. The stock is still rising to this day.

On October 19, an X appeared on Walter Energy Inc. (WLTGQ). The stock is now breaking new highs on a near-daily basis…

It’s up 360% and will likely go up tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that.

On October 31, another X surfaced on a Chinese consulting firm called Wins Finance Holdings (WINS). If you don’t know who they are, you do now.

Since the X, the stock is up 470%. And it’s not too late to buy shares. Based on the X, I knew with 100% certainty that this company was going up…

That same day, another X was spotted on a company called Sterling Group Ventures (SGGV).

And just like before, the stock was going up – this time by 300%.

And just like all the others, the price is STILL RISING.

You can buy shares in any of these companies right now…

Just one of them could deliver you a 500% win in the next few weeks.

Here’s a company that buys into single-family residential mortgages. Its balance sheet… its internal rate of return… or even if it’s “wired” into politician’s pockets doesn’t matter.


Because we know for sure that the mysterious X appeared on November 9, meaning the stock was shooting straight up…

The price is now up 120% and is STILL RISING.

Same with PhotoMedex (PHMD)…

The X appeared on November 17, and the stock has nearly doubled in two weeks.

And as for the price… it’s still going up. In fact, you can buy shares right now for $2.80.

With the way things are moving, you could make 200% or more in the coming months.

Here’s another X….

It formed on November 7 on a company called Mexus Gold (MXSG). They own three gold deposits in Mexico totaling 18,300 acres.

Besides that, I can’t tell you much about the company. But it doesn’t matter…

The price has gone up 114% and is STILL rising.

Now, what’s important is that it doesn’t matter what these companies do, what they make, or what their balance sheets look like.

When this X appears, the price of the stock is going up with 100% certainty.

Now, if the stock market has shown us anything over the years, it’s that nothing is certain. And there are always risks involved using ANY strategy, including this one.

But you’d be foolish to ignore the potential of this signal…

Right now, it’s appeared 47 times. It’s a phenomenon never seen before.

It’s already appeared here on this small shipping company on November 9. Shares are climbing every second. Can you still make money on this stock? Absolutely.

Here’s a company that transports iron ore, bauxite, and fertilizers. On November 14 this mysterious X appeared, and we could see with 100% certainty that the price was climbing. Is there still money to be made here? Possibly. And it could be massive.

Here’s a small company that makes oil filtration and hydraulic equipment. But again, that’s irrelevant. The X appeared on November 3, and you can see the price was jumping.

Was it a new contract or a breakthrough technology? It doesn’t matter. Could very well be news will appear in the coming month explaining the jump.

But for now, the only important thing to know is that I’m 100% certain the price is currently going up. Could there be big money made here? Absolutely.

Here’s another tiny company that makes unique vaccines for infections. The mysterious X appeared on October 25. And now as you can see, shares went straight up for over a month.

Here’s a small company in the probiotics field. It’s likely that the popularity of probiotics is increasing sharply… or a new distribution was just signed… or that a major pharmacy chain just decided to distribute its products.

But none of that really matters, because the X appeared on November 10, and shares are still climbing in price dramatically.

Here’s a tiny scrap metal processor in Louisville, Kentucky. It specialized in stainless steel products. It’s been under the radar for years, and then on November 7 the mysterious X appeared – and its shares have been climbing ever since. Do you want a piece of this?

Here’s a small health insurer in Tampa, Florida. On November 2, the X appeared, and with 100% certainty we can see the shares were going up.

Is it because of an Obamacare repeal? Is the company “wired in” to the high-ranking politicians who know something we don’t?

You know what? None of it matters. We simply know with 100% certainty that the price was going up.

What I can tell you with absolute certainty is that over the last 30 days, I’ve seen this mysterious X pattern appear on 47 companies now. More pop up every day. And in every single case the price was moving up.

Some have already doubled. One has shot up 550% in seven days, so there’s little time to waste.

To my knowledge, nothing like this has ever happened before.

Almost every sector except healthcare has been ignited right now.

Technology stocks, real estate companies, energy producers, telecoms, financial firms, retail stores, utilities…

  • The Wilshire 5000 Composite Index, which tracks 7,000 stocks is up a staggering 1,160 points
  • All four major benchmark indexes have hit all-time highs, for the first time since 1999…
  • And the Russell 2000 index of small-cap shares has been rising for 15 days in a row, the longest stretch since 1996.

In total, $1 trillion in NEW WEALTH has just been injected into stocks.

And now X’s are appearing everywhere…

When you think about it… when you know with 100% certainty that a stock is going up in price, buying stocks that have just been marked by an X

Could be like buying a lottery ticket that you know in advance will very likely make you a winner.

Now, that doesn’t mean a stock can’t quickly change directions even after the X appears…

I’ve seen it happen before.

But when I say “winner,” the question is: Just how big? So let me show you…

When the X appeared on a pharmaceutical company called Theratechnologies (THERF), the stock was trading for $0.42. It was a lame duck on Wall Street. But when the X showed up, the stock was rising and eventually it went up 380% in six months.

On September 22, 2015, the X surfaced on another small business called Gold Standard Ventures Corp. Since it IPO’d in 2006, Gold Standard was a dying entity on Wall Street.

But when the X showed up, the stock hit the ground running, eventually going up 556% in nine months.

On July 19, 2016, the X marked a small app company called Eco Science Solutions. Over the next 60 days, shares shot up 470%.

I know I just threw out a lot of names. But I want you to know is there’s a reason I’m telling you all this…

It’s to prove to you that the X is not a hypothetical signal based on some estimation, but the only infallible way to see that a stock is already going up in price with 100% certainty.

Look at it this way…

Imagine you’re at a shooting range. You have a .357 Magnum, and your target is a metal bullseye.

The instant you pull the trigger, the bullet fires out of the barrel at approximately 1,700 MPH.

The sheer force of the momentum pushing the bullet forward is able to overpower the air resistance and the force of gravity that is trying to pull that same bullet down.

Stocks work the same way…

When the X appears, the force pushing the stock up becomes far stronger than the gravity pulling it down. It becomes that bullet.

That’s why on January 25, 2016, when an X appeared on Belo Sun Mining (VNNHF), I could have told you the stock was going up. And it continued its positive path, eventually going up 285% in three months.

It’s also why on February 10, 2016, when the X was spotted on Coeur Mining (CDE), the stock eventually ricocheted 433% in the next six months.

And why on March 16, 2016, when the X surfaced on Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – one of the worst-performing stocks of the decade – the price had just kicked into overdrive as if it was shocked by a defibrillator.

Now it’s up 230%and just like the others is STILL RISING.

These are the kinds of stocks you should be buying right now.

Everyone can tell you what stocks they think you should buy based on earnings projections, but it’s these stocks that are currently going up with 100% certainty. Again, I don’t care so much about what a business looks like on the inside.

I use the X to decipher when a stock is going up in price, no matter what the company behind it does. Here’s the thing…

Emotion Plays No Part in This

When the X appears, I know there’s big money to be made.

In fact, the first time I told my readers about the X, I made a $1.95 million bet that it would surpass every single claim I made at the time.

I wanted to prove that, when it comes to making money, following the X beats everything out there.

I not only won that bet… I crushed it! My winning plays produced a record of 5,241% total gains in 18 months.

That number includes trades we closed out completely and trades where we only sold part of our position. That’s an increase of nearly 50 times!

So when the X surfaced on Reynolds American (RAI), a U.S. tobacco company. I sent out this alert, telling my readers to act accordingly.

Those who listened to me could have made 202% gains in about 10 weeks.

Then, when the X showed up on Quest Diagnostics (DGX), I sent out this alert telling my readers to take action. If they did, they had the chance to see 300% gains.

And in September 2016, after the X appeared on a cloud computing company called VMware (VMW), I sent out this alert telling my readers how to make 227% total gains.

I didn’t target these stocks because I believed in their business models…

I chose them for the X. Pure and simple.

As you can see, this X gives you the chance to make money on any stock of any size in any sector at any time.

So why is it so critical for you to take a hard look at what the X can do right now?

Because since late October, before Trump was elected, 47 Xs have appeared on my screen.

And the X tells me which ones are 100% going up in price at that moment – and the gains can be incredibly large.

On November 29, it appeared on a tiny company that develops stem cell therapies.

On November 21, the X showed up on an even smaller company that develops cobalt products used in radiation for cancer patients.

The X has also made its way onto a vaccine developer that in the most recent quarter grew its profits by 145%.

These stocks are going up right now…

And buying shares in any one of them could make you the biggest money of your life in these changing times.

What’s making this event happen?

Frankly, nobody can be certain. I’m not going to tell you that I or anyone else knows what makes a stock price go absurdly high in weeks or months.

Some speculate that we’re likely looking at the biggest transfer of wealth ever recorded in history…

That we’re looking at huge, new gains in corporate profits and economic growth. That Trump’s policy of targeting blue collar agriculture and manufacturing workers is sending certain companies higher.

But frankly, none of that matters. You can spend days and years trying to analyze earnings projections or income statements and still wait years for a stock to go up.

In my book, the only thing that matters is identifying and investing in companies whose prices I know with 100% certainty are going up.

In fact, the ONLY thing I care about is the price. Why waste your time on anything else?

Now, you’re probably wondering how I’m able to say so confidently that this X pattern allows you to…

“Only buy stocks that are going up.”

So now think about every stock I’ve shown you to this point…

Here’s what I’d like for you to understand…

We’ve all looked at stocks in the past that we wanted to buy.

We were ready to pull the trigger and grab shares, but we hesitated…

Because these stocks were already “going up.”

So we asked ourselves…

“Did I just miss the boat?”

If you see that first X, the answer is a resounding… NO!
You absolutely… positively… did NOT miss the boat.

This X only appears when stocks are already “going up.”

In fact, the real profit explosion is about to begin, because these stocks have reached a state of high velocity.

It’s been the same story for the last 16 years with many penny stocks… with small-cap, medium-cap, and even large-cap stocks…

Remember, I’m looking at 47 stocks right now that are shooting up in price.

Very likely, the secret deals routing government money, regulations, price structures, and debt are already being made right now.

Investors privy to this information are probably making their moves. Yet, like I said, exactly why this is happening doesn’t matter. How it’s happening doesn’t matter. And who exactly is doing it is a moot point.

The average person without the right connections will never figure it out until it’s too late.

It’s impossible. The money is already “wired in.”

But with the X pattern, none of that matters. It can give you more control than you’ve ever had before.

That’s because it tells you where the money is going before any news ever appears – if it ever will.

It tells you which stocks are going up in price with 100% certainty.

Now, I must stress again that we are dealing with the stock market. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

But I want you to know… I’m not making this public for money or for praise…

  • My work has already been seen by over three million people…
  • It’s appeared on over 100 financial websites…
  • And I’m a frequent guest on many of the major news networks, including CNBC, Fox, and MSNBC.

I’m doing this because, as an American, I believe you deserve to profit from the biggest moneymaking event I’ve seen in 34 years. And it may well be the last chance most folks have to make a fortune.

And right now, according to the X, I’m guaranteeing that you’ll have the very real chance to make 10,482% in winning gains in the next 12 months.

I’m so confident of this that I’m putting $3.9 million on the line to prove it to you.

You could be on track to make more than 10,000% in winning gains, 100 times your money, if you follow along with my research…

This little water resource company just formed an X on November 16. Shares were climbing with 100% certainty and continue to move up. Do you want to miss this?

Look at this motor sports company. The X appeared on November 10 as shares were advancing with 100% certainty, climbing to new highs. Do you really want to miss this puppy?

On November 7, an X appeared on this industrial machinery manufacturer out of Houston. The price had just started rising and exploded soon after.

Or what about this healthcare benefits company. With a $45 billion market cap, it’s one of the biggest stocks on the market. And yet when the X showed up on November 10, the stock was going up and has continued to do so every day since. You can buy shares in a matter of seconds. The X is still in play.

Here’s another one. They’re one of the biggest diagnostic testers in America. And on November 11, the stock was marked with an X. The stock was reaching new highs daily and continues to climb.

Look at this major airline company. When the X appeared on November 17, shares had already taken off and are now at an all-time high. But this bullet train is not slowing down anytime soon.

Here’s another one… a diversified machinery company that makes everything from deep-sea oil rigs to bridges and wind turbines. The X appeared on November 8, but you can still get in and ride this tide upwards for weeks – maybe even months.

An X has appeared on every one of these stocks over the past few weeks. And as of today, they are all still going up in price.


I don’t make assumptions about what I think is happening.

I target stocks with an X, because I know with 100% certainty they are already going up. Oftentimes, they are only just beginning to rise.

That’s why I got into this business in the first place.

To help people make money with as close to 100% certainty as possible.

I have ZERO interest in doing anything else.

I’ve proven it countless times for thousands of people.

On September 30, 2015 the X appeared on Juniper Networks (JNPR), a computer hardware company. I immediately alerted my readers.

The stock went straight up over the next month.

On January 28, 2016, another X was spotted on Domino’s Pizza (DPZ). Those who listened to me could have made 100% gains in two weeks.

Look, when you know with 100% certainty that you’re buying a stock that is currently going up, the rest is pretty darn easy.

And my readers have seen the results of what I can do for them…

204% in 54 days on TREX 100% in 6 days on IONS
202% in 76 days on RAI 123% in 9 days on GS
264% in 26 days on SWN 200% in 68 days on DGX
285% in 63 days on CONN 300% in 72 days on DGX
134% in 49 days on GLNG 381% in 27 days on DXCM
102% in 24 days on KBR 227% in 110 days on VMW
100% in 21 days on DPZ 100% in 11 days on HA
100% in 24 hours on RGR

Right Now, I’m Making the Biggest Bet I’ve Ever Made – $3.9 Million Dollars!

And as I just mentioned…

I am so confident of this amazing X pattern that I’m making the biggest bet of my life.

So far, I’ve shown my readers 5,241% in total gains from winning trades… and now I’m going to take the next step.

I’m doubling that number and guaranteeing that my readers have the absolute real opportunity to make 10,482% in total winning gains from winning trades in the next 12 months, or I have $3.9 million on the line if they don’t.

Frankly, it’s an easy bet to make.

I’ve looked at hundreds of charts over the last two years.

When the X appears, the price is going up…

But again, the question is, “how high?”

And this is where things really blow through the roof. Because…

I’ve Discovered the One Secret that Makes Them Go UP Even Higher…

It’s called Super High Velocity, and it works like this:

After that first X is formed, the red and green lines will separate from one another for an undetermined extended period without touching. When this happens, it means the strength of the stock – as represented by the green line – is far stronger than its weakness – the red line.

During this period, something rare and unusual often happens.

The stock enters a state of Super High Velocity.

Look at this lumber company called Patrick Industries (PATK).

On December 1, 2011, an X was formed. The green line crossed over the red line and instantly shot straight to the top of the chart, while the red line dropped to the bottom.

This pattern tells you that the force driving the stock is far more powerful than the gravity pulling it down.

It is no longer a bullet being fired out of a .357 Magnum, but more like a shell fired from a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle – traveling farther and faster than ever.

This same force pushed Patrick’s stock up a ridiculous 3,340%

On March 15, 2013 the X hit Natural Health Trends (NHTC), a tiny vitamin company.

Once again, the lines separated and the stock entered Super High Velocity. Shares immediately jolted, going up 3,670% over the next three years.

That same month a company called MGP Ingredients entered a state of Super High Velocity and the stock has gone up 1,020%.

These are all multi-million and billion-dollar businesses…

The force needed to propel these stocks up is tremendous…

But when a stock enters Super High Velocity, size doesn’t matter. The price is going up.

For example, I just recommended Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII), a massive $8.4 billion company that builds ships for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard.

Companies this large don’t usually deliver big gains, especially in short periods.

And I certainly didn’t tout this stock because of its sales, which are actually down 9% from last year.

I recommended this stock because the X appeared on February 15, 2016. The stock had entered a state of Super High Velocity. The price was already on its way up, and it went even further than I imagined. The X delivered in a big way…

And look at these four stocks I told my readers about in May 2016.

Not only did an X appear on all of them…

But each one was in a state of Super High Velocity, and kept rising in the months to follow.

I also just recommended a big $4 billion software developer called Aspen Technology.

I didn’t do this because I’m in love with the company’s business model. They sell computer software. There are thousands of businesses just like them.

But when the X showed up on March 28, 2016, the stock had entered a state of Super High Velocity. And every day since, Aspen’s stock has powered upwards like a rocket ship


You can always tell when a stock is in a state of Super High Velocity just by looking at these two lines. The green line will always be running at the top (typically above the 70 marker)…

And the red at the bottom (below 30).

After the X formed on Acadia (ACAD), the green line surged above 70. The red dropped below 30. The stock was in Super High Velocity.

And look – the price went up 1,300% over the next 12 months.

Hennessy Advisors (HNNA) is another one…

On November 12, 2012 the X appeared. The green line went to the top, the red to the bottom, and the rest is history.

The price has since gone up 1,115%.

It’s been no different with ALJ Regional Holdings (ALJJ).

The X formed when the stock was around $0.40 a share. The two lines separated and the stock shot off, going from $0.50 to $5 a share – a 1,150% jolt.

This is what can happen when a stock enters a state of Super High Velocity.

I wouldn’t be saying this if I hadn’t seen it myself dozens of times…

On February 2, 2016, an X appeared on a gold explorer in Canada. Look at what happened…

Two weeks later, on February 17, 2016, the X made its way onto a small power generation company, and BOOM – the stock goes up over 400% over the next five months.

Then, on April 5, 2016, the X surfaced on a rinky-dink biotech stock that only sells three drugs. With this one, I’ll let the chart itself do the talking.

When the X formed for each of these stocks, they all went into a state of Super High Velocity.

But the chance of you knowing in advance that these tiny stocks would wind up exploding in value is slim to none. The X, however, would have told you the exact day to buy shares.

And these are just three companies.

You need to know that right now 47 stocks are in a state of SUPER high velocity

Including this tiny oil and gas driller.

This independent energy producer out of Texas…

And this steel manufacturer that has grown its income by a magnitude of 10 times this year…

These companies have been going up in price on a near-daily basis, and they are STILL RISING. Can you still make money on these stocks? Absolutely.

For the last 30 minutes, I’ve shown you the simplicity of the X

When it marks a stock, those shares are going up with 100% certainty.

Yet here is perhaps the most important thing the X will ALSO do: It will tell you exactly when to EXIT a position because the price is going down. This has the potential to maximize your gain and saves you from excessive losses.

That’s the absolute real beauty of the X pattern…

It Works in Reverse Too!

Let’s go back to our bullet analogy from earlier.

When a bullet is fired, the force of that bullet overpowers the force of gravity pulling it down (that’s our first X).

Then, once the bullet strikes its target, the force of gravity pulling it down is now able to overpower the bullet.

It loses all of its momentum and instantly enters a state of free fall – plummeting to the ground. This is when the second, red X appears.

Take a look at this recent 13-month chart for the penny stock, Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp. (NYMX), and I’ll show you what it has in common with that bullet hitting that metal target.

Nymox (NYMX) is a tiny $137 million company that sells “in-home” tobacco detection systems.

With only two products on the market – one of which has a three-star rating on Amazon – Nymox may as well be a ghost on Wall Street.

But on February 27, 2015 the first X appeared.

That’s when the green line crossed above the red line – right when the stock was trading for pennies… literally… $0.65.

As you can see, the level of force pushing the stock up – the green line – went far above the force of gravity trying to pull it down – the red line.

Over the next 10 months, Nymox experienced an immense burst, rising 420%.

Now, it’s not hard to imagine what could’ve caused this.

But it doesn’t matter.

That first X told you when to buy shares…

Now look at what happened on December 29, 2015. The red line crossed above the green line, forming a second X. The stock was dropping. Shortly after, Nymox’s stock took a plunge, falling 40% in 10 days.

The reason why?

It doesn’t matter.

Because, without insider information about the stock, you would’ve had no idea it was falling down to earth.

However, there were two major signals – two major patterns – that would’ve allowed you to pocket that 420% winner in 10 months.

All you had to do was buy shares at the first X

And then sell them when the second X appeared.

This would’ve allowed you to transform a single $5,000 investment into $26,150 – in only 10 months.

This same simple rule applied to Celgene Corp.

On July 2, 2003, the green line shot straight up as the red line fell, forming the first X.

The force of momentum had overpowered the force of gravity, and the stock was in a state of Super High Velocity.

The stock caught fire, producing 930% gains…

Then on April 30, 2008, the second X appeared, as the red line crossed over the green line.

The stock was dropping.

And once again, just like a bullet falls after it hits its metal target…

It wasn’t long before Celgene’s stock plunged 30% in value.

Again, the exact catalysts behind Celgene’s rise – and the reasons it came crashing back down to earth – do not matter.

Because by simply purchasing shares at the first X, holding onto them while the stock was in a state of Super High Velocity, and then selling those shares when the second X appeared, that 930% windfall would’ve been yours.

Look at Pier 1.

On September 21, 2009, the stock starts going up. The first X appears.

The two lines split apart, and Pier 1’s stock enters a state of Super High Velocity.

The second X appeared on December 24, 2013 – Christmas Eve. The stock had risen 475% but was starting to drop.

Then right after the holiday season its share price fell further, losing 45% of its value.

These are just a few instances of hundreds that have taken place over the last 16 years.

And they all share the same rule in common.

While nothing in the market is 100% certain, according to 16 years of research on winning trades….

By nailing this timeframe…

By simply buying shares when you see the first X pattern, holding those shares during a period of Super High Velocity, and then selling them when the second X appears, you could’ve won on 100% of these trades.

Now again, no strategy works perfectly every time. Not even the X.

But just consider…

Sometimes you don’t even have to wait for both Xs to appear….

On July 22, 2015, for example, a red X appeared on the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking products.

This told me that the stock was going down in price.

I sent out an alert telling my readers what to do. Those who paid attention could have captured 204% gains as this stock shot straight down over the next two months.

On November 19, 2015, the red X showed up on an oil and gas company in the Marcellus Shale region. My readers then had the chance to make 264% total gains in less than a month.

And again, the stock was going down.

And in January 2016, it surfaced on a small household appliance company and my readers saw a massive 286% gain.

This is the power of the X

It tells you exactly when stocks are going up… and exactly when stocks are going down.

That’s why so many people have tried unsuccessfully to copy my approach.

Systems like these are a dime a dozen.

And I find it curious that as my X continues to prove itself, more and more predictive systems are popping up that look just like it…

  • In November 2015, the world’s foremost expert on counterterrorism came up with the “The Kissinger Cross,” which is based on an 18th century probability formula.
  • And the most recent one comes from a former hedge fund manager who created a “Nordic Cross” system.

If you’ve seen these, let me be clear…

They may look like the X, but they are not. Not even close.

It’s taken me a lifetime to master the X

And the only ones who get to benefit from it are members of my High Velocity Profits service.

This weekly research service was designed for one purpose and one purpose only…

To show you how to get in at the first X and out at the second X.

We don’t make wild speculations or place huge wagers on stocks.

We only target the ones we know are already going up or down in price based on the X.

That’s how my readers saw 5,241% winning gains over the last 18 months.

And now, thanks to this unprecedented injection of new wealth in stocks, I’m planning to double that figure to 10,482%.

And I plan on delivering those gains.

On November 17, an X appeared on a precious metals producer out of Manitoba, Canada.

On November 25, another X made its way onto this surgical device manufacturer that operates in over 45 countries.

I just saw an X on an MLP company with 963 miles of pipeline…

The X appeared recently on a vehicle dealer in China with 542 stores across 25 provinces. You can buy shares on the Nasdaq within minutes.

The X also found its way onto a company that installs fiber optic cable and electrical lines.

Every stock I’ve told you about in this presentation is currently going up in price at the time of writing.

If you wanted to, you could buy shares in any of them and very likely make a lot of money.

This is the power of the X.

And if you’re ready to start making money with my X, without letting your emotions – or anybody else’s, for that matter – get in the way…

You can join High Velocity Profits right now.

I’m accepting 1,000 new people today.

But first, you need to determine if this is right for you.

I believe every member looking to get the most out of High Velocity Profits should be able to answer “YES” to the following four questions.

High Velocity Profits Question #1:
Do you have the discipline to follow the “X” signal?

In other words, if you want to make money this way, I suggest you follow my recommendations and buy shares when I alert you to do so.

When the X appears, the stock is going up in price. I have 16 years of data to prove it.

But if you wait to buy shares, you could miss out on these gains. And I don’t want that to happen.

On December 22, 2015, for example, an X popped up on McEwen Mining (MUX)…

Over the next six months, shares were up 375%.

That’s why it’s imperative that if you want to make money using the X, you have the discipline to buy these shares EXACTLY when I recommend them. Not weeks later. This way you can get in at the beginning, as the price is beginning to accelerate.

High Velocity Profits Question #2:
Can you ignore the media?

On any given day, you may see a dozen or more presentations from acclaimed investors all trying to prove to you that their systems can make you rich.

I suggest you take those claims with a grain of salt.

They may know how to analyze a stock and calculate every ratio there is, but at the end of the day, these are fundamental investors. They let their emotions dictate their next plays.

This is NOT a smart way to make money. In the end, their guess is as good as yours.

If you still think your emotions can guide you throughout the market, you can stop reading right now.

My system is about pricing patterns. Nothing else.

So if you’re looking for a 20-page financial analysis for every stock I recommend, you’re not going to get it. What you will get, however, are weekly alerts…

Inside these alerts I’ll breakdown these companies based on a strict nine-point financial criteria. I’ll then show you the X and give you my recommendation on how to trade the stock.

As one of my High Velocity Profits readers, you will receive two or three of these alerts each month.

Each one will take you about 10 minutes to review to decide if you want to act. But again, you have to be willing to ignore the media and open your mind if you want to make money with the X.

High Velocity Profits Question #3:
Do you have $10,000?

High Velocity Profits is not a buy-and-hold service.

This isn’t about tucking your money away in a few stocks and waiting for a miracle to happen.

It’s about making fast money in as little time as possible.

Because of the sheer number of trade recommendations I issue to High Velocity members, I suggest that if you plan on investing that you have at least $10,000 in capital. Otherwise, you may want to stop reading right now.

This strategy is most beneficial for active investors.

If you want to sit back and do nothing, that’s your choice.

What I want is for you to be able to take advantage of every recommendation, and to do that, I encourage you to have some capital.

Now, if you’ve answered YES to these three questions, then this next one is going to be easy…

High Velocity Profits Question #4:
Are you willing to take this seriously?

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who tell me they want to learn about my X system, but in actuality just want the same old buy-and-hold strategies. That’s not what I do.

I’m not interested in waiting years for profit.

With High Velocity Profits, I take a disciplined approach.

When the first X appears, we move fast.

When the second X appears, we move even faster.

Then it’s on to the next opportunity.

In addition to your weekly alerts, I will also provide you with a market intelligence briefing that examines major economic trends taking place right now.

And then, when the second X appears – the red X – I’ll send you another alert with “sell” instructions.

So when you put it all together…

Two or three trade recommendation alerts a month, sell alerts, and the weekly intelligence briefings…

I estimate these communications will require, on average, about nine minutes a week to review.

If you can’t spare nine minutes a week, then you should stop reading right now. I’m only interested in helping those who are serious about learning how to make money.

High Velocity Profits can show you an extremely simple way to put a lot of money in your pocket.

And it puts YOU in control of it.

When you receive a trade recommendation alert from me and you decide you want to take part…

It’s best to act upon it within 24–48 hours.

Which is why, along with the email alerts, I’ve also had my team create a text message alert system.

That way we can notify your cellphone, along with your email, that an alert has been issued.

So you don’t have to wait around at your computer for hours at a time for these alerts to arrive.

To be clear, you don’t have to use the text message alert system if you don’t want to, but I want to make sure you receive this intelligence as soon as possible.

I realize this is a lot to take in…

But if anything, it’s important you understand this one fact…

The X doesn’t tell you when a stock could go up…
The X tells you when a stock is ALREADY going up.

When I first disclosed my X system to the public on January 21, 2015, the DOW was at around 17,500, or 2,400 points lower than where it is today…

The markets remained flat for that entire year…

And yet I still showed my readers 5,241% cumulative winning gains.

Today, the X is appearing in record numbers.

Could it be due to Trump and his pro-American message to rebuild America?

Or because Chinese investors are pouring more money into U.S. businesses than they ever have before at record levels, reaching $15 billion last year?

Or maybe that America’s GDP is at a two-year high and is expected to soar?

I don’t know, and I don’t care.

Right now the market is on fire and the X is telling me exactly which stocks have entered a state of SUPER high velocity.

My computer has identified 47 of them right now, all of which have been marked by the X. And as soon as you become a member to High Velocity Profits, I’ll feed you my newest trade recommendations…

And you’ll want to execute these trades immediately.

The longer you wait, the more gains you could be missing out on.

With your subscription you’ll also receive:

  • The High Velocity Dossier: This dossier outlines my entire X system in great detail. It explains how this unique methodology was created and exactly why this is such a breakthrough for the industry.
  • Quick-Start Videos: I will also send you two quick-start videos so you can see my system in action. When you watch them I guarantee you will become even more excited than you are now about how much money you could make from High Velocity Profits.
  • Concierge Service: You will also have a concierge service ready to help you at a moment’s notice with any issues regarding your subscription. This is a team of nearly 30 highly qualified professionals dedicated to High Velocity Profits. You can call or email this concierge service whenever you have questions about your membership.

Again, Money Morning has almost 1.5 million paid members and subscribers.

But I’m only accepting 1,000 people today, first-come, first-served, to take part in High Velocity Profits.

I hope this helped you realize this opportunity has the ability to singlehandedly provide you with the one thing your 401(k) or IRA has failed to deliver…

Complete and total financial freedom.

Think about this…

For the average married couple in their late 50s and early 60s who both have 401(k)s, their total nest egg is about $330,000.

Yet they will have paid $155,000 in hidden fees and costs to manage those very same 401(k)s.

That’s because, for the privilege of earning 4.8% on their money a year…

The average 401(k) holder could’ve paid out as much as 3% of the total value of their account – just in fees – each and every year.

Folks, that’s highway robbery.

And if you’ve been following my work here, then you know I’ve been developing new ways for everyday investors to fight back against this and to take control of their wealth.

And I’m always happy when they take the time to let me know that I’ve helped them make tens of thousands of dollars…

I’m up $45,000.
– Paul Westing

I made $50,000.
– Robert Montrose

Hundreds of thousands of dollars…

I made back everything I lost when the market tanked and am up $405,000!
– William Connors

Even a million dollars or more.

I’ve profited in excess of $1.5 million.
– Gary Loest

I want you to become our next success story.

Because this is the only thing that matters with High Velocity Profits.

So if you don’t have enough money to retire comfortably now but are ready to take action to change that, High Velocity Profits is for you.

If you refuse to accept the meager table scrap returns being peddled by financial planners, High Velocity Profits is for you.

And if you are ready to take complete control of your wealth, High Velocity Profits is for you.

The price is $1,950. There is NO DISCOUNT.

However, I’m willing to guarantee our results.

In fact, I’ve built a series of specific guarantees that can protect you.

High Velocity Profits Guarantee #1:
It will take less than 30 days for you to see how wealthy this can make you.

You can begin taking advantage of High Velocity Profits instantly after accepting this invitation. That’s because the X has recently shown up on a record 47 stocks, telling me that these companies are going up in price right now.

One by one, I will reveal these stocks in my weekly trade recommendations.

The minute you join, you’ll also be able to download digital dossier, my quick-start video series, and every other aspect of this venture.

If, at any time within this 30-day window you do not believe High Velocity Profits is right for you, I will have my team refund 100% of your membership fee… every single penny.

But when you consider everything I’ve shown you today, I’m sure you can understand why I’m not too concerned about that.

Frankly, I believe you’ll make hundreds of thousands of dollars… even millions from High Velocity Profits. In fact, I’m betting $3.9 million on it.

I’ve mentioned this a few times already – now I’m going to explain what I mean by that.

Exactly 1,000 people are going to be able to take part in this today.

And I hope that you choose to be one of them.

And to prove it, the next two guarantees will place that $3.9 million bet on the line.

It’s a lot of money, but it’s very important you see that I’m willing to put skin in the game.

High Velocity Profits Guarantee #2:
I’ll deliver 10,482% TOTAL WINNING GAINS in the next year.

As Money Morning’s Chief Investment Strategist, for nearly 10 years, my team and I have delivered, on average, no fewer than 10 triple-digit winners each and every year.

However, High Velocity Profits is more powerful than anything I’ve done before.

In 18 months, readers who’ve followed along have had the opportunity to capture total winning gains of 5,241%.

And with the markets recently moving up every single day, I expect to DOUBLE those 5,241% gains and give you 10,482% winning gains in the next year.

As I described, I will recommend two to three new trades each month when that first X pattern appears. And I’ll only recommend closing that trade when the second X appears.

For instance, 10 months after the first X appeared with Systemax, the second one arrived.

That created a 293% gain.

And with Video Display Corp., that period was over 12 months, and that resulted in a 275% winner.

My point is that we’re going to have plenty of opportunities to capture quick gains, but not all trades will allow us to capture triple-digit gains in under a year.

In fact, when we’re talking about some enormous winners…

Like 820% on Heska Corp (HSKA), 1,200% on Patrick Industries (PATK), and 1,483% on Natural Health Trends (NHTC)…

They’ll likely take more than a year to be fully realized, because more than 12 months will pass between both X patterns.

And of course, as with any investment strategy, we could see losses along the way. No approach is guaranteed. Even this one.

However, I want to make sure that, when you reach your one-year anniversary as a member of High Velocity Profits, when you look at all of our winners, you will have been given the opportunity to see 10,482% total gains from both our closed out trades, and those that are still open.

If not, you will receive a second year of membership on the house.

So, if you only see 8,000% winning gains in the published track record over the next year, I will work for free for you. In fact, my entire team will work for free for you for an additional year.

Because 8,000% is not 10,482%.

For the 1,000 people who can join today, this guarantee has a conservative value of $1.95 million.

On the surface, it looks like an enormous financial risk that I’m taking on.

But that’s how confident I am that I’ll be able to deliver.

And now I’m really going to drive that point home. I’m going to include a second $1.95 million guarantee.

High Velocity Profits Guarantee #3:
I’ll deliver AT LEAST 30 winners during the first year.

Here’s how I came to that figure.

You will receive between 24 and 36 new trade recommendations during our first year together.

So for this guarantee we’ll settle on the middle point – 30.

At the end of your first year on board, if my track record doesn’t show 30 winning trades – both the ones we’ve cashed out of and those that are still open – you’ll receive another year of membership to High Velocity Profits on the house.

So to be clear, if you receive 29 new trades… and that creates 29 winners…

Well, you know what? 29 is not 30.

So you’d receive a second year at no charge whatsoever.

So this is an additional $1.95 million guarantee.

Okay, let’s cover those guarantees again…

Guarantee #1: Within 30 days if you don’t believe High Velocity Profits can make you wealthy, you will receive a 100% refund of your subscription fee – no questions asked.

Guarantee #2: If you don’t get a chance to see 10,482% total gains in the next year I’ll give you a second year on the house. We have $1.95 million riding on that guarantee.

Guarantee #3: You will receive at least 30 winners during your first year, or I’ll give you another year on the house. That’s a second $1.95 million guarantee.

That’s $3.9 million we’ve put on the line.

And claiming any one of these guarantees is as easy as calling the member concierge service.

Now, below is a button that will take you to the membership order form.

Remember, I can only accept 1,000 people today (first-come, first-served) into High Velocity Profits

So time is very much of the essence.

Let’s not waste another moment.

The first X has appeared on 47 stocks, and that number is going up daily.

Who knows what’s caused the markets to explode like this…

But it doesn’t matter.

This rally could last days, weeks or even months.

With the X, you’ll know which stocks are going up in price.

And you’ll know exactly when they’re heading down.

Will these stocks provide you with 164%, 500%, 1,000%, or even higher windfalls as I’ve shown you throughout this presentation?

I’m betting $3.9 million that they do. It’s the biggest bet I’ve ever placed.

But I’ve never been more confident in the X than I am right now.

If you would like to speak to a member of our VIP Member Services team, please dial 1.855.509.6600 (1.443.353.4770 for international callers) and mention your Priority Code: ECHNSC0D. They’ll answer any questions you may have and sign you up right away.

I look forward to working with you.

Have a great day!

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Keith Fitz-Gerald
Editor, High Velocity Profits
December 2016

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